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Welcome to Real People Concept

Real people Concept is a development social enterprise providing animal reproductive technological solutions for rapid animal production / multiplication, small scale diary processing equipment and quality laboratory analytical solutions in Nigeria and West Africa sub region.

We have the experience and the knowledge to provide you solution.

We believe in selling solutions to the world. We are serving Research Institutes, Independent analytical Laboratories, Standards organization, Financial Institutions, Veterinary Hospitals, Livestock Farms, Dairy Industries, Flour and Grain Industries, Government Agric. Agencies and the Pharmaceutical industries by providing them with quality products.


The company provides validation and prompt after sales service for its customers needs. In addition, the network of Distributors and Representatives has the technical capability to support after sales service. With over 30 distributors and agents serving your interests world.

Support Services To Dairy Industry
  • Consultation
  • Breeding Programme / Management
  • Artificial insemination
  • Supplies, installation, maintenance of equipment
  • Training
  • Artificial insemination
  • Ultrasonography
  • estrous detection¬† & Estrous profiling
  • Pregnancy detection
  • Mastitis detection & Screening
  • Special capacity development on artificial insemination in goats

Solution That we Provide

Draminski Estrous detector

Draminski Estrous detector ( sheep, goat, cow & mare)helps breeders to determine the exact moment of the estrous cycle when the ovulation takes place (also in the case of silent heat). It detect the best moment for mating or insemination

Draminski Portable Ultrasound Scanners

Supplied complete with both Rectal and Abdominal probes (for pregnancy diagnosis, follicular dynamics, fetal age, fetal sex, pathology, Back fat etc)